Psychic Little T is very caring and intuitive. She answered my question swiftly.. Thank you for giving me some feedback on how to grow and get back on my feet.. Justin (Canada)

I had my reading Thursday and I must say I’m at a loss for words. Tami (aka Little T) really validated a lot of things that wowed me! Prior to calling I was so scared to what might come out of this but after my call it has made me feel so good to know my loved one is so close to me… ALL THE TIME!!! I shed some tears but also had some laughs, I will say it has left me yearning for more. I know some day again I WILL BE CALLING TAMI AGAIN. Not only did I connect with my loved one but I feel like I’ve connected with Tami.. like it’s meant to be!! I can’t thank Tami enough it really has been the greatest experience of my life.. Thank you again Tami and I’ll definetly be talking to you again soon.  Jacci (Florida)

I met Tammy thru her son. I will always come to Tammy for connecting with my loved ones or the Spirits around me. She is always spot on about so many things. Even if she says something that doesn’t hold meaning at the moment ends up meaning something a day or two later. Absolutely 100% trust Tammy with everything.  Sami (Oklahoma)

I was sitting in with a friend of mine when Tammy mentioned a guy. She said his name started with a B.(names have been left out for privacy reasons) I been having dreams about a guy for years. I didn’t tell anyone. She picked up on that right away. She mentioned some other things in the dream that only I knew. I was raised a “Southern Baptist”. I was told psychics were the devil. When I met Tammy she made me a believer because no one knew the details she knew. Jae (Oklahoma)